Kahi reunited with the After School’s members for Music Core 400th ep

happy 5th anniversary to after school! 

"The pain from our joints due to the bruises, we were rising little by little, setting out to amaze the world." - Kahi
"Please remember that we are giving it our all for that short 4 minutes of performance." - Nana
"Whenever we got worried, we encouraged each other by saying “Let’s pull together and overcome this." - Jooyeon
"[If i were reborn] I would be reborn the same as I am now, and I would like to be in After School." - Raina
"We don’t even ever fight. A lot of people ask about our age differences but we get along really well." - Uee
"We’re usually pretty noisy at home. We talk a lot about dramas and stuff while watching TV and eating food." - Lizzy
"I think teamwork is the most important. We never argue and if there’s something we’re disappointed about, we say so immediately." - Jungah